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Claron Fidelis Mazarello Fr, 08.03.2019 00:03 Events, Info, Jugend, Kultur, Kunst, Live-Übertragungen, Musik, Projekte, Regionales, Soziales
The Friends and their music !
Although the low white noise like sound may bother in the background of this interview, thisis as authentic as it gets in Tübingen, in a proberaum where the band gets its act... weiterlesen »

Claron Fidelis Mazarello Mo, 27.11.2017 16:36 Jugend, Kultur, Projekte, Soziales
The First Freiburg-Tübingen Refugee Free Radio Call Connection
Being far away and close at the same time is a matter of experience I guess. Thats what hapenned when this first call was made between two refugee radio stations - one in... weiterlesen »

Freies Radio Wüste Welle, Hechinger Str. 203, 72072 Tübingen :: +49 7071 760 337 :: buero@wueste-welle.de