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The First Freiburg-Tübingen Refugee Free Radio Call Connection

Being far away and close at the same time is a matter of experience I guess. Thats what hapenned when this first call was made between two refugee radio stations - one in Freiburg, and the other in Tübingen.

There was a radio workshop organized by Radio Dreyeckland (102.3 mhz) in Freiburg this month. It had refugee radio people from Hamburg as well, besides Tübingen and Dreyland. After loads of blah blah but meetings with extremely nice and helpful people, it was decided that we do something 'together'. And that was the conception of the first ever connection between refugee radio stations.

So the very next Wednesday, the weekend after this meeting with refugee radio people in Freiburg, this connection was established. The next level was also decided ... to hopefully connect four refugee radio station programs in a conference call between the refugee programs in Freiburg, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Tübingen.

The show at Freiberg is called Our Voice. It takes place for one hour every next Wednesday, between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.. The Newcomer News program hosted by Wüste Welle however takes place for two hours every Wednesday. Given that we had common timings to be able to work with, apart from other heartfelt issues, getting a connection established between the working live radio team in Freiburg and Tübingen was only a small effort away - much closer than the ambitious elements of helping people and reaching out - a common initiative.

After all, we could possibly all be refugees on this planet anyways !


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Freies Radio Wüste Welle, Hechinger Str. 203, 72072 Tübingen :: +49 7071 760 337 :: buero@wueste-welle.de