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Diana Music' Fr, 20.10.2023 18:57 Frauen, Kultur, Musik, Politik, Regionales, Soziales, Sport
Selectress Dyah honored and blessed by Ras Copper, Ras Oswald White, Bahamas
Promotion Reggae worldwide is the mission. Focus now Africa - Ghana, Nigeria, also Caribbean and at least the entire eARTh of Ras Tafari and Queen Woizero Asfaw, Empress Menen... weiterlesen »

Diana Music' So, 15.10.2023 03:16 Frauen, Info, Jugend, Kultur, Kunst, Live-Übertragungen, Musik, Politik, Projekte, Soziales, Sport
1968/1970´s in the UK: RELOADED#PIMPED UP with an Bob Marley Interview about Reggaemusic Roots & Cultur
Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove in the 1970’s was full of people from the West Indies, Blues parties, sound systems and the record shops like ‘Dub vendor’. It was also... weiterlesen »

Diana Music' Fr, 18.08.2023 02:32 Frauen, Kultur, Musik, Regionales, Soziales
Kandakekweensize Rasta Reggae Lifestyle Radioshow got a Elevation
Andy Cheek's Drops an Elevator-Jingel and a likkle UK-Reggae-Club Atmosphäre fi the Radioshow Kandakekweensize. That ova the ocean connection make me wondering now, seems the... weiterlesen »


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