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Jahdon releases new single "Here We Go" (feat. Truvice) on Friday, November 13th , 2020

The single captures the universal theme of the ups and downs in all relationships. It will be played on Sunday, 15th November 2020, 2-4 p.m. exclusive here at the free comunity radio Wüste Welle. Tune in on Sunday this week! Listen the brand new single "Here We Go" at the frequenzy 96,6 fm - Kandake Kweensize, the Roots Reggae Radio Show with Selectress Cista D.,




 Kandake Kweensize proudly presents on sunday, 15.11.2020:

Here We Go! 

“Here We Go", is produced by AudioTraxx Productions, who also produced, “Congo Bongo”. The ballad is written by Jahdon, with a smooth yet textured delivery of the chorus by fellow Clarendon artist Truvice. The composition is reminiscent of theunique style Jahdon has branded himself with “Congo Bongo”. The single captures the universal theme of the ups and downs in all relationships. 

Song Credits:


Jahdon - Here We Go (feat. Truvice)

Executive Producer: Look Ya Noww Entertainment

Song Producer: Audiotraxx Productions

Distributor: Zojak Worldwide




Francine Bacchus
Jahdon Manager


Copyright © 2020 Look Ya Noww Entertainment, All rights reserved.

*Bacchus Entertainment Services Limited*

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 link up youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik5bKK3v_Qs&ab_channel=Jahdon



ARTIST PROFILE JAHDON: for more Infos about the reggae artist Jahdon,follow the link to my Blog, Kandake Kweensize, here at the Comunity Radio Wüste Welle: I was already  writing an article about Jahdon 





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Thank you Bacchus Entertainment, Francine Bacchus, Jahdon Manager

Download (13,5 MB)


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