Oktober 2015 Juli 2017

Elvira's report


Ein europäisches Medienprojekt zur besseren Inklusion von Sendungsmachenden mit migrantischem Hintergrund

Nachricht ans Team Projektwebseite


I´m not for the integration in the main culture.

On our meeting in Budapest I realized here I´m meeting the people of my culture.

„People like that exist in every culture, in every country,“ declared one of the muslim Feminists invited to the panel discussion of the 16. Womens Filmfestival in Tübingen. The open minded  with a critical view, working on tolerance, respect and understanding were the people she was talking about. These people should connect, she said.

Yes, we do – we exist everywhere. And we recognize each other even when we still have to learn how to communicate. We are relatives, a rainbow tribe of a multicoloured people of the heart. And it´s our task to build up a cosmopolitan culture to integrate all those „others“.

A nice utopian view?

Yes, it is.

They already exist those utopies of a better world. How do they work? What is the best practice? How do we connect? What do we want?

Lets water those seeds. Plant more of them. Create space for them. Lets be gardeners, architects, masons,  herolds, pioneers and explorers of a better world.

with love


(Freies Radio Wüste Welle)


P.S.: Our Free Radiostations belong to those existing seeds of a better world ...


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