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Clicking with Natalia .. !

Doing a photography workshop with children and learning from them too, is what our Natalia was all about at this photography workshop she conducted at the third edition of the 4ALL fest. Tune into this chat with her telling us her story ... and more ...

The very supportive Natalia Zumaran is in our Newcomer News team on radio Wüste Welle. She has alredy contributed to the first edition of TüsoundsInternational magazine with her photography exhibition titled, 'Two cultures under one roof'. This made it easier for us to organize this photography workshop as she was around and available this November 18, 2018 to do the same. And while the children at her workshop surely took away nice memories of this, not to mention pictures as well, Natalia contributed her bit this time around as well. Alexandra Alb from Romania, also a tünews and Newcomer News-er, is with us in this interview due to her knowledge of Spanish and to make sure communication is clear amongst us three during this interview.

Coming from outside of Germany and leaning this profession outside as well, Natalia's insights on how she came to Tübingen and worked as a self employed person are worth listenning to. Moreover, her philosophy towards work is something that cannot be questioned and is probably the most inspiring element in her story - especially considering the way most people around often joke about their work being tough and difficult. She, like many others in this world, come from the school of thought that one should like what she or he does, or atleast begin to like. Surely, there are always some positives at one's workplace if not more - 4ALL.

An important another aspect to watch out for with Natalia is her simplicity, wherein she is not looking at herself as someone who knows more than her students, but simply someone who guides the experience instead. The golden words by her here are 'We learn together'. Her story gives strength and hope to the many who go against the tide of the majority with free lance jobs, not only showing the potential but also bringing forth the aspect of believing in oneself. Life is nonetheless always interesting with philosophies like that of Natalia and the like - of learning together as new things will always keep coming up to make things more interesting when one is open to learning. This somehow also cuts the psychological hierarchy between the student and teacher thus bringing new possibilities of cognition and learning into play.

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