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The Kupferbau Experience !

Many will realise years from now, how it was at a demonstration organized by university students. What is political and what is not for some makes the diversity alive and thus more effort into changing things around us, for our future ... like the cyber valley .. that promises changes for us all...

Are we ready to live in a world that does not care about the future. This is a question raised by just another student activist in this interview made on the first weekend of this protest at Kupferbau. Although first hand experience is nothing to be inspired from, does this mean that we should ignore things hapenning around us and go bck to business as usual. Or should we try and contribute in our own little ways. After all, we cannot change the world, but each one of us can surely contribute to change.

For those not able to come in person, there are online petitions, that one can be a party to. Needless to say, these democratic systems are in place, simly to be used. Assuming the outcome now is not advisable.

The spirit at Kupferbau was the same when it was felt that there was a lower turn out of students. But this only opens doors to other ways of handling things. It was the exclusion of the students by the state that led to a cyber valley for Tübingen. Will we go the same way with this protest -  excluding others who are not convinced about this cause. Ironically, this is a cause that effects us all - everyone. But how many have the time to simply be a drop in the ocean for change. Well, nothing is impossible untill it works. Probably just time for each one to do one's bit - be it by physical presence at Kupferbau, or even signing a student petition that may be online soon.

The link to the website with the demands of the students for their protest at Kupferbau is: http://blochuni.org/Kupferbau

A facebook link is also: https://www.facebook.com/pg/antispeziesistischeaktion/

Nothing happens overnight, or simply over nights of 'Kupferbau-ing'. The students of the near future will now make decisions for the rest of our children who will be in Tübingen - with or without the cyber valley. The route to change things is long and interesting, to say the least, after witnessing the atmosphere at Kupferbau, with friends of students getting food and supplies for this gatherng for a cause - all for spende.

Think about it. After all, its even a thought that counts.


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