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Folklang's Tune Learning Wednesdays

Every Wednesday at the Werkstadthaus at the French quarter of Tübingen, we have this multinational group of musicians called Folklang. More than 50 in number and from about 20 countries from all over the world, they meet to learn a new tune from a place on this planet in this universe of ours. Ammer conducts the tune earning this particular week. And Alexandra Alb from TüSoundsInternational catches the vibe ...

Ammer is from Iraq, not Syria, as he was once written about. He did say that Syria promoted a lot of music and art viz-a-viz his own country, Iraq, in a chat he had with our correspondant of TüSoundsInternational. TüSoundsInternational is another magazine by TüNews International a project run by the Kulturgut wing of the Landratsamt for the benefit of refugees in Tübingen. And Newcomer News also works in collaboration as the radio media partner of sorts. The Newcomer News show hence has certain interviews of musicians from this music magazine of Tübingen.

What was more intriguing about this gentleman, who studied music  in his home country, were his words, 'Music makes people talk'. Going from there, there was a lot more to learn from him and his country. However, being an active member of Folklang, a multinational group of musicians who many in Tübingen are already familiar with, Ammer naturally had his own contribution to Folklang.

To make things more clear, we need to possibly read about Folklang in the first edition of TüSoundsInternational. Here is where, apart from writing about the various aspects of this beautiful coglomeration of musicians, we also wrote about few musicians from this Folklang, who happened to also be fluent in Arabic music and hence could also perform as a six odd member troupe calling themselves Spirits Arabia.

And all of this manifested at the 4ALL events organized as a matter of celebration of different cultures with this influx of refugees due to war torn Syria. There have already been two editions of this event and hence two editions of this TüSoundsInternational magazine, (which is for all practical purposes, the first music magazine of Tübingen).

THE NEXT ON IS ON NOV 17, 2018 !!!

So this time, this particular interview is about a tune learning session that our TüSoundsInternational (TüSI) team and few members of Newcomer News at Wüste Welle (Majid) and TüNews (Mustafa) also visited - to get a gist of the vibe and hapennings at this huge gathering of musicians from all over the world.

Given that this was Alexandra Alb's first outdoor interview, it was even more exciting for her to conduct this interview with the versatile Ammer. According to excerpts of TüSI II, 'The song is a love story of a boy and a girl and the verses of this song describe the thoughts of this boy who likes this girl. For better insight, think about the elements of hellos and goodbyes when we meet peopple and then when we meet the special people in our lives or someone we love. What happens when someone whom you love does not greet you one fine day ? There are obviously feelings that describe instance like this, more so poetry or lyrics from a song like this very one.

The song can probably be heard when one watches this grand group of musicians called 'Folklang' playing this live - possibly on their website, or better still when they play at a venue close to you ... soon. Hope you have fun listenning to it whenever you do, just like all the musicians of Folklang had fun learning this tune at their tune learning session on a Wednesday gone by. Ammer tells you more ... (so does TüSI II ...)


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