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Apart from TüSoundsInternational, edition II featuring a story on this topic, this is a record of a one hour radio show that took place on January 4, 2017 at Wüste Welle in Tübingen. It was a program by a person from this place called Goa, about Goa, that seems to have different interpretations from different people all over the world. For the question, 'what is Goa ?', listen in to this local from there ...

This comes from an article in TüSoundsInternational as well as a research conducted by a student at the University of Tübingen. The is a program created by a Goan, the first of its kind.

'Goa' means music to some, a place to others; some even call it an island which it is not. There are some who call it a state of mind, others who call it a state in this country of India, some who refer to it as the land of parties, some, as a place where sex, drugs and rock and roll flourish as merriment.

For the authorities in some places, this is a gathering where there is a possible consumption of drugs, especially when this is a 'Goa' party. For the author who wrote this and a longer excerpt of the same in this IInd edition of TüSoundsInternational, it is home - a place where his family and other families alike live their lives - in a place infested with parties no doubt due to tourism, but yet, away from the derrogatory angle that some may look at these people at when it comes to be connected with Goa. 

For starters, Goa is a place. It is the smallest state in India no doubt, but it was a colony of the Portuguese, not the British as India was. Goa, got its freedom in 1961 viz-a-viz India in 1947. Read more about this beautiful paradise, that has many facilities for tourists, but before all of these structures of government and tourism, Goa was a haven to people who came from different parts of the wrold with strong structures. Incidentally, in their quest to get away from such structures, they literally stumbled upon Goa, and found a new form of freedom - something that they cherished for the rest of their lives.

From this time on (around 60s), travellers came from various regions of the world to Goa, even as Goa got its freedom, government and tourism department eventually. But something that got born in this location, was trance music - first known as Goa trance, and then spreading out with more music softwares to various genres under the broad genre called Trance. Today, Goa trance is another sub genre under trance music that has many more different styles.

But Goa is not only about trance music - a perspective that the world got to know about with music festivals manifesting out of this urge to create the same experience in Goa, in their own home countries in Europe as they had when back in this place called Goa. Interestingly, many other nationalities from all over the world contributed to creating Goa, apart from its locals. This here, is the version also talking about the local residents, population composition and certain cultural traits and music of this tiny but influential place called, 'GOA' !


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