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The 'Safe Afghanistan' Hypocracy II

This comes from the horses mouth. These are interviews of some Afghanistn refugees giving their views on the concept of a 'safe' Afghanistan as propagated by Deutschland even while the travel advisory to German Nationals says otherwise. Nazir has translated these for us to listen in, with the original interview in Dari also playing at a very low volume in the background.

The very fact that state run institutions have tried to facilitate people going back to their country of origin voluntarily, simply could imply that there are also some who wish to go back. To die alone or with one‘s family – is the point that the Afghanis bring in here when asked about such returning Afghanis. With no certain future for the Afghanis here in one of the richest countries of the world who are fully capable of keeping them safe, what is the only option one is left with ? Its a point worth pondering about, especially after one listens in to the expressions of the two young gentlemen interviewed by Mohammad Nazir at the last demonstration against deportation in Tübingen.

Political manupilation again here seems to be the cause for the decision to call Afghanistan safe. So here is a chronology of events that one can recheck on for themselves, all leading to an assumption that does not allow one to call Afghanistan safe at all.

News can have an opinion they say. Here, you decide for yourself. See if your conscience allows you to call Afghanistan safe, so that Germany confirms they are not sending people into an unsafe zone. The responsibility of a state, country or human to protect other humans relies on this decision of deporting people back to Afghanistan as well. And so we ask this question again, in search of our truth – Is Afghanistan safe enough to send people back there ? How sure are we when we say safe ? As we are not far from committing murder if our hypothesis on a SAFE Afghanistan is not guaranteed.

Untill part III ...



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