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The 'Safe Afghanistan' Hypocracy I

The armies of 25 countries, including Germany and NATO are currently stationed in Afghanistan as we speak. Just recently, a German minister categorically mentioned the impossibility of the German army to travel from north to south in Afghanistan. Then what about civilians without guns ? This is a series of radio reviews and interviews about 'The Safe Afghanistan Hypocracy' .... ! More proof, evidences and interviews to follow ... stay tuned ... !

So here is what went ON AIR today at the Newcomer News. This was a day after a demonstration in Tübingen against 'the safe Afghanistan hypocracy'. So Tünews press members were present and documenting this demonstration. It started at 6 p.m. in the evening.

With the Bleibereicht already preparing placards and material for display for this event and more upcoming ones, the stage was already set, and well set at that. With people slowly gathering at the water fountain in the market place (the Rathaus) the energy was beginning to gain momentum.

With statistics and figures quoted by the IMMI - a military magazine that researches on such topics, there was a lot more for everyone's consciences to deal with. How we dealt with emotions even as we felt helpless towards a politically instigated situation simply turning worse, viz-a-viz the grass root points of concern where we were at the recieveng end - of information, as of now, can also be felt in this clip of the proceedings of this demonstration. An Afghani for instance, narrated about the death of his father last week, in Afghanistan. Maybe hence, it would be nice to review our 'Safe Afghanistan' stance from the comfort of our cushy homes.

Here's a bottomline quoted at this demonstration: "Only one world exists, and borders are splitting it apart. Thats why we request - (join the chorus) - 'No Border, No Nation, STOP DEPORTATION !!!'

P.S.: An audio clip from this demonstration played on the Newcomer News program also has Tünews International journalist Mohamad Nazir Momand suming up the scene with some interviews of Afghani refugees, to bring you the real picture from the grass roots. More from this series incoming ..... stay tuned !


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