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Music from a Stone

With our imagination running wild ... to feel the sound of music, coming from a stone, many readers of Tübingen's first Music Magazine (called 'TüSoundsInternational') will now have this access; courtesy, this radio Wüste Welle website.

"For all of us who know of 'sound', as it is today, this is one German national who may probably help re-define 'sound' and take it to the next level." - TüSoundsInternational - Tübingen's first ever Music Magazine begins its first story with these words, that get vindicated as we read on, or listen in, to this hour long interview.

Hannes Feßmann is a Filderstadt born middle-aged being, who could very well be a reason for us to percieve 'sound' differently from this point onwards, if one were to believe what is being written in this new music magazine. So believe it when you listen in then. This hour with Hannes will take you travelling through space for this time, with words like sonic sound, sound sculpture and resonnance revolving around you. 

The jam thereafter with Indian classical artist Mahesh Vinayakram, not to mention a light tutorial by Hannes's father, Klaus Feßmann (another man with iconic work on stone sound and resonnance), is simply the icing on the cake. Brace yourself for this whole interview with no sound of music, except that from a stone ... !

P.S.: Please contact goafry@hotmail.com for your free copy of         TüSoundsInternational. Or just pick it up from the Wüste Welle radio office here in Tübingen.


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15.02.2018 14 Uhr

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