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Feb 17 Demonstration Planing

What does one do when at a demonstration. Apart from only the cause that is known to all who attend any demonstration (hopefully), given that this is for certain authorities to take notice, and at the same time, a democratic procedure and right of any person to be part of a demonstration, here is simply an "announcement" - to come together to plan better - this Feb 17 ! ... interesting moments on Newcomer News !

This February 17th (SATURDAY), the Bündnis Bleiberecht (Alliance for the right to stay - a group in solidarity with migrants and refugees) is dedicating a day to the creation of new material for the coming protests and actions.

The flyer for this is in German, Arabic and Farsi/Dari. 

The event will start at 1pm at the Hausprojekt 009 in Provenceweg 3 (Französisches Viertel). We will start with brainstorming/discussions in order to see what we would to write/draw and in which languages. After that we will try to create and complete new banners etc. The material needed (colours, brushes, projector, etc) will be provided. 

Be there or be square !


Download (5,16 MB)

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