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Gypsy Holocaust Story

Sternplatz at Tübingen will host an evening dedicated to the Gypsies this Saturday, January 27th with some interesting music performances, a children's program (face painting, games, etc) and food, to mark the occasion of the holocaust in the history of this minority of Sinti & Roma and yet highly stereotyped group. Time to move on!

History will teach us nothing, goes a line from a song by Sting. Indeed, if we were to look back where each of us came from, and how we treat each other today, things will be apparent. The context here is of another minority group in Germany as well as parts of the world. So in a world where there are wars simply due to territory, here are a bunch called Gypsies.These are predminantly travellers and settlers in free spaces. And even they, with no place to call their own, are still discriminated.

What does the word gypsy mean to you ? Aren't we all gypsies in this universe, in a way ? Questions like these and more may crop up from our conscience, possibly when we come in contact with the kinds from this community. So while it is apt to connect with one's point of prejudice or stereotype inorder to eradicate it as social sciences suggest, here may well be our chance - at the Gypsie Holocaust evening at Sternplatz this Saturday.

Or we'd rather just come by and celebrate, like gysies in this Universe as well. Welcome!


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Download (10,43 MB)


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