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Ongoing attack in Nothern Syria

Alex, our guest, was well prepared with info on this most recent attack in Northern Syria. Ahmed is from Syria. His sentiments were real too. Matzel was the nice moderator (as usual) ... and the discussion was crisp ... about the intensity of 'political manipulations' ... which was what we all agreed on ...

The levels of political manipulation can be clearly seen especially when a small region in Nothern Syria is attacked by the Turks for no particular enemity except that which is doctored so-to-speak. Well, we have seen the Kurds and the Turks dance together and smoke cigarrettes with no signs of any issues between them.

Yet, in this Nothern region of Syria called Rojava, near the citi of Afrin there is unrest, due to this attack. With support from weapons sold by Germany. The area is where the Kurds live. So within this war waging between countries, here is another civil war fueling the situation even more towards what we all do not want, German political parties included - Violence, war, death and destruction. The Kurds however have support from the US. But the situation is overall not good as there seem to be layers in this political fight.

Our guest Alex today was probably the best person who could guide us with the facts and ground reality of this situation. He works with the Informationsstelle Militarisierung IMI and is creditted with previous research in this direction. Then again having Ahmad work out the sentiment as the insider and how the situation is percieved, was simply great. Matzel again brought in some interesting points with his moderation. A solution was Germany halting sale of weapons to certain countries as these are clearly being misused. The cause was political manupilation and the call was for peace. And that was a great discussion on today's Newcomer News program. Listen in


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