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The Radja Juschka Interview

It was a Radja Juschka driven dance performance this October 28 2017 at the Epplehaus for the 4ALL – Drums, Dance and Thousand Rhythms event hosted by Tünews International in collaboration with Newcomer News from Wüste Welle and the Epplehaus.

Abstract expressions are simply interpretations by the artist about the trees shedding their leaves during this time of the year for instance. And if showcasing this in a dance performance with dancers Isabel König alias Momo and Johanna Sophia Müller wasn’t spectacular enough, there was sonic support from Hannes Feßmann, making music from stone. Queer as it may sound, the experience is what completes us all. For those not so fortunate to be at one of these 4ALL fests, here is the interview of Radja Juschka, expressing herself and her choreography at this memorable event (which will perhaps happen again - look out !).

It was a cold winter evening, but the passion ran so high that Momo for instance was in a sleeveless – dancing her heart out. It was nice to hear her speaking about spontanity which is the element that dancers like these prey on. Than again, Radja’s idea of dancing by the willows on a hill nearby in Tübingen and the fact that she will be giving classes with the title, ‘Shake Your Beauty’ (soon, at a place near you … look out) was the icing on the cake at this interview. Listen in to ‘The Radja Juschka Interview’ ...


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