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Movie Review - Listen - Arabic Film Festival Tübingen 2017

Listen is coming from Lebanon, this brings out emotion in a story about a character who records sounds hapenning all around us. The trip is to figure out if his work is able to get a person out of a comma ... is it that deep enough ...

When the love of one's life is battling for life, how far will one go to wake the daylights out of this peson again. What would you do ? How long would this take and is the wait worth it in the end ? Reflections that this movie puts you through the streets and locations of Lebanon, which is where this story takes place.

Made with phases of emotion, 'Listen' takes you on an emotional journey along with the characters finally showcasing a full circle experience, but not without a catch so-to-speak. To know more would reveal the charm of watching it, but all that can be said indeed is that it is a story about love. And the fact that things can actually change if you really believe in it so strongly.

The song at the beginning of this radio movie review as well at the end are in the soundtrack of this movie - one backgrounding the happier moments and the other for the deeper moments. Listen in ...


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