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Kulturnacht Reutlingen 2017: Artmor Dance Company

Now this can come under the category of abstract art for some, although it does make one think ... or better still ... react !

This may have been abstract to some but it was nonetheless one of the most insightful acts from all possibly. This was a group of five dancers dong the Butoh. It originates from Japan. The dancers in this case enacted the life of a human - from birth to death.

It was a two and a hald dance journey so to speak because as the dancers were dancing they had a loyal audience almost althroughout as well - for the entire period of two hours.

Sometimes, just looking at another person makes us react and reflect and imagine in a particular way. Many a times, one may notice that one's own story or elements of it are somehow found when simply looking at another. And these were dancers, enacting slices of human life. Another insightworthy aspect was the fact that like us all, they collect many things on the way .. to their grave eventually. Squeezing out individual subjectivity from the onlooking public, Wüste Welle also had the chance to get the insights of the dancers from this dance project practising the Butoh dance art. Its all about using one's imagination ... or illusion !

The interview with its funny perceptions did bring out a few insighs that one may even call deep.


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