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Kulturnacht Reutlingen 2017: Elke Radke, VJ-Permance-Künstlerin

Visual projections may be just to look at and be amused with the artistry, but here is an interactive visual project by Elke Radke. After travelling many countries with her visual project, here she is at Kulturnacht Reutlingen 2017.

When one witnesses this visual project by Elke Radke one may even be reminded of these childhood days when some of us may have messed arund with light passing through a small hole thus inverting the image projected in an attempt to make a pinhole projection. If not, a visit to the spitalhof area at Kulturnacht Reutlingen on October 23 would have been a treat anyways. 

Whats more is that it is interactive in nature, which means doing any actions in a particular designated space would result in visuals that would simply amuse everyone. Think apps on your iphone are interesting, imagine a projection on the entire side of a huge building.

Standing tall and with a friendly disposition is Elke Radke, who also talks about different other types of projections which are not the type that she is showcasing. But hers is a different story altogether. Listen in.


Download (5 MB)


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