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Kulturnacht Reutlingen 2017: Ilona Rutkiewicz

Poverty can be a matter of perception. It comes with a culture shock. And for author Ilona Rutkiewicz it all started with bananas. Check out her touchy expression apart from her book that was inspired from a true story of the street children in India.

You may not be able to change the world, but one surely can contribute in one's own small little way to this change nonetheless. Call it power of positivity or whatever, but Polish author Ilona Rutkiewicz's visits to India on two occasions had her see things in this light. And boy, does she have a vindication as well with this philosophy, much to our surprise.

Then again the degree of helplessness that she battled when she saw few street children in India gave her this urge to do something about the situation. And yes, it was all possible, whether debated this way or that. Her vindication and experience made her pen this experience that brings many of us to answer many questions to our own consciences.

Her observations and notions that good people do nothing to effect change, tht it is not merely enough to be just a good person and the fact that we are responsible not only for the things we do, but also the things we do not do might even find oneself in a peculiar situation, especially after reading her true story from her experience in India.

Charged with a cause, her book, with its sneak peak inside this interview is something that one may want to take a closer look at, given the truth and the sheer profound, 'I-don't-care' attitude that this world has developed over the ages. This one will knock the doors of your conscience.


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