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4ALL - Drums, Dance and Thousand Rhythms

September 16 saw many activities at Epplehaus with participation in traditional Syrian dances, Drum workshops, Sufi music presentation and rhythms from the the Kurds, Arabs, Turks, Afghans, Uganda and just about a thousand rhythms .... 4ALL ... !

Dance is the human expression of natural ecstasy. It's about physical freedom that circumvents the entire universe around us. This September 16 gave us our chance to dance to traditional tunes and rhythms of Syrian dances - all for a common cause given that this is a charity event organized by Epplehaus, Wüste Welle Radio and Tünews International - a weekly newspaper for refugees.

Post this carefully crafted traditional dance learning experience hosted and taught by our Syrian guests, these new found moves were then put to use in a dance celebration together with all who come for this event. Kurdish musicians Farhan Shero and friends and Kadar and friends also regaled us amongst bands like Spirits Arabia and Ritmos Con Senas that are collaborations formed by members of the Folklang orchestra from Tübingen.

While dancing can heal, so can drumming. Percussionist Nobert Schubert conducted drum workshops for children as well as adults, only to have each of these participants from his workshop then finally play out a live performance subsequently at this very event. Yes everyone is a performer. It was exactly like the TüNews team had suggested - 4ALL.

Then we also had ethnomusicologist Sandro Mellisano's Sufi music performance coupled with a Sufi music introduction and presentation - thus showcasing this concept of mysticism and spiritual musical connection. Drumming, dancing and thousand rhythms - 4ALL !!! - perfect manna for our free souls ! (Get a sneak peek from the venue from the Wüste Welle audio stream).


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