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Am Freitag, 17.10.14 im Lokalmagazin: DON'T!

DON'T aus Portland, Oregon, USA spielen 70's/80's Portland Post Punk. Im Oktober kommen sie nach Deutschland, in die Münzgasse und – in's Lokalmagazin!

Turbo Booking schreibt:

"Don't is a band that is best described as being of the garage persuasion with hints of surf and punk thrown in.

Fronted by the striking Jenny Don't the band also includes Sam Henry on drums, a man who has been inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, partially due to the fact that he was the drummer for The Wipers, one of the most well-known bands from that region.

Musically the songs on this new release are laid back with JennyDon't providing a luxurious vocal performance that has a soothing quality to it, just right for kicking back and relaxing, as you drink whatever poison is needed to reset the levels of normalcy after the tedium of work." - Punknews.org

Think Siouxsie sharing a fifth of Southern Comfort with theMermen in the back of Willie Nelson's tour bus while listening to the Wipers.



17.10.2014 10 Uhr

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